Whenever any content is uploaded to a shared hosting account or downloaded from it, some traffic is produced which is a feature that every single hosting package includes. It is moreover one of the attributes it is important to check, as the amount of site traffic quota you will need will depend on what exactly you need the account for. The traffic is mainly generated by downloads which includes website visits. In layman's terms, each time somebody visits your website, the webpages are downloaded from the server on their computer and they are then displayed by their internet browser. It's also important to be aware that uploads are considered too, hence when you transfer larger files from your pc to the server, some site traffic is generated too. Different providers often have different names for this particular feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, but all of them apply to the same thing - the total amount of incoming & outgoing information created for a particular period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Hosting
Our shared plans were created with the notion to handle the site traffic produced by any type of site that can run in such an account. If you have one or a few different small-scale or medium-sized sites, you will not be limited by the monthly traffic allowance whatever the content you have - plain text and / or numerous images, for example. The statistics in your hosting Control Panel gives you comprehensive info about the site traffic generated by each and every web site and the total amount for your account in general. The numbers are updated live and indicate both the day-to-day and the monthly usage, thus you'll be aware of how much information is transferred to and from your website hosting account at any moment. Day one of each month the counter is reset, but you'll still be able to see the traffic statistics for the past months, which will inform you on how your websites perform.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers
All the VPS plans that we provide feature a monthly traffic allowance proportional to the system resources they come with. The more disk storage and computing power a server offers, the more likely it is that you will host more sites on it, consequently the site traffic you are able to will increase with each plan. If you need extra traffic at some point, you can improve the package from your billing Control Panel with just a few mouse-clicks and the additional system resources, along with the higher traffic quota, will be added to your current account. You can check how much info has been transferred to and from your virtual server all the time. For your convenience, we'll notify you once you reach 90% of the quota in order to give you the required time to take action and lower the website traffic or update your plan if needed. From your control panel, you can view the website traffic stats for each individual domain or subdomain in your VPS account.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers
The monthly site traffic allowance that is featured with our dedicated server packages will suit any kind of site irrespective of its type. Your web apps can make terabytes of website traffic, which ensures that all your website visitors will never notice any kind of error message on your website because of not sufficient quota the way it may happen with various types of web hosting. In addition, we leave the option to upgrade the website traffic amount open, yet it's very unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you would like to run a file sharing website or a video streaming portal. The server management Control Panel offers you accurate real-time info how much data has been transmitted for the month to date, and how much remains before you get to the restriction. We will also alert you once you get to 90% of the allowance in order to be on the safe side and avoid any downtime of your web sites. The info in the panel contains the overall traffic, including software downloads, so that it's more accurate than the one in your current website hosting Control Panel where you are able to see details only about the visitors developed by online content.