FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol – a quite popular way to upload and download web files between a home PC and a web server. With an FTP software program like CuteFTP or FileZilla, you can set up a connection to the server and view its content in one pane, whereas the files on your PC will be displayed in another pane within the main program window. All you have to do to send files or whole folders in either direction is to mark them and then to drag them from one pane to the other. File Transfer Protocol is used by lots of users because you can create different FTP accounts and each of them can be restricted to access just one single directory on the server, so a web designer, for example, can carry out their task without being able to view any other folder in your website hosting account. What’s more, the presence of different FTP accounts will also enable you to create numerous websites using web design applications like Dreamweaver or FrontPage and to upload them to their respective directories on the server.
FTP Accounts in Shared Hosting
Creating and administering numerous FTP accounts will be quite easy with each of our shared plans. This functionality isn’t restricted, so using our intuitive Hepsia Control Panel, you’ll be able to set up as many accounts as you need to, in order to manage your sites and to get your website-related tasks accomplished. In case you hire a web designer and they are done with the website, for instance, you can edit the FTP password or remove the whole FTP account with just one mouse click from the Control Panel. For convenience’s sake, you’ll be able to view a list of all the FTP accounts that you’ve set up and what folders they can connect to. Useful functions such as changing the access path or the password and downloading an auto-configuration file for commonly used FTP software applications are also just one click away.
FTP Accounts in VPS Servers
The VPS server packages offered by our company will allow you to create an unlimited number of FTP accounts to manage the content of your sites. This is valid irrespective of which VPS plan you purchase and which hosting Control Panel you select upon registration – Hepsia, DirectAdmin or cPanel. In any case, you’ll acquire FTP access to the machine without having to install any kind of software, as an FTP server is an essential part of the software bundle which is included in the Virtual Private Server plans by default. You can set up one FTP account for every domain or subdomain that you host or even multiple accounts for a single folder – in case you want a number of people to access the website content inside it using their very own personal login details. With each of the offered Control Panels, creating, deleting or modifying an FTP account will take no more than a few clicks of the mouse through a user-friendly web interface.